Pavlov Financial Planning is now Jade & Cowry. Same firm, just different name.

Flat fees based on complexity

No account minimums or assets under management fees. 

We are an independent, fee-only firm. We only receive compensation directly from our clients – no commissions or hidden fees. This helps us to minimize conflicts of interest and act as a fiduciary.

GPS Planning Program Pricing

Our pricing is based on the complexity of your personal finance situation. We have provided examples of client scenarios in the fee table below to give you a rough estimate. We will determine your annual fee during your free introductory meeting.

Our annual fees cover ongoing comprehensive financial planning services and investment management.

Tier 1

$6,300 /year

(billed monthly at $525)

  • Early-mid career employee moving overseas for work who wants to understand how to continue to save and invest while considering cross-border taxes.
  • Green Card or Work Visa holders in the US with simple US income only but unsure whether you’ll stay for the long-term.​

  • US citizens with mainly US income and assets but may have non-US family financial ties or inheritance.

Tier 2

$8,820 /year

(billed monthly at $735)

  • Globally-mobile employees who need help managing complex compensation packages, increasing investments, and competing life events and priorities.
  • Families with multiple citizenships that have trailing financial pieces in multiple countries and may continue multi-country living.
  • US citizen investors who own significant foreign assets, have ownership of foreign entities, or hold complex, non-traditional investments.

Tier 3

$11,340 /year

(billed monthly at $945)

  • Business owners who need help strategizing cross-border business and tax structure for tax efficiency as part of personal financial planning.​
  • Couples where each spouse has one of the Tier 1 and 2 scenarios independently that require extra coordination.

Tier 4

$15,120 /year

(billed monthly at $1,260)

  • Individuals and families with a combination of multiple Tier 1, 2, and 3 scenarios that require extra coordination.

We require a minimum 12 months commitment, reviewed annually to reflect the expected planning complexity for the next 12 months.

Not ready for GPS?

Cross-border financial planning typically requires a significant financial commitment. However, we understand that not everyone is in a position to commit to a long-term financial planning relationship. When our schedule allows, we offer hourly consultations for $525 per hour. Please use our contact form to send your specific questions and check our availability for an hourly consultation.