Pavlov Financial Planning is now Jade & Cowry. Same firm, just different name.

Financial guidance for globally mobile
individuals and multi-national families

When your financial life spans multiple countries, we are your home for comprehensive cross-border financial planning.

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Welcome to Jade & Cowry

We are an independent fiduciary financial advisory firm dedicated to helping globally mobile professionals and multi-national families navigate the complexities of cross-border living so that you can live a meaningful life, free from financial stress, regardless of where life’s journeys take you.

We serve people with international ties…like you

We collaborate with you to define the life you envision, organize your finances across multiple borders, save for the future, manage investments, optimize your cross-border budget & taxes, plan for retirement and life events, and safeguard your family’s future.
We've Actually Done Pretty Well

Multi-National Families

Families with multiple citizenships and cultural backgrounds

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Globally Mobile Employees

Professionals who have moved around internationally for work, including those with equity compensation

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First Generation in the US

Foreign-born individuals in the US

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Cross-Border Business Owners

Entrepreneurs with businesses in the US or abroad

Our Services

We believe that smart, strategic financial advice for your complex and ever-changing cross-border lifestyle has to be comprehensive, continuous and collaborative. That’s why we offer the GPS Planning Program.




Why choose us?


Our customized and flexible approach to financial planning allows us to help our clients manage financial lives that traverse multiple countries and jurisdictions. When necessary, we consult with our network of single or dual country experts to deliver personalized solutions for your unique circumstances. We also coordinate with your in-country advisers across the world.


We’ve lived similar lifestyles to yours. We’ve called many places home. We’re in cross-cultural marriages, and our families are spread out across the globe. Like you, we’ve had to navigate different laws, tax codes, and practices. We get you, so you don’t have to start from scratch with us.


As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, we have met rigorous education, experience and ethics qualifications for financial planning. As fiduciaries, we have a legal and ethical obligation to put your best interest first. As a fee-only firm, we only receive compensation from our clients – no commissions or referral fees from anyone else. We’ll always disclose potential conflicts of interest.

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Are we a good fit?

We may be a good fit for you if you value collaboration, a long-term relationship and an accountability partner.

You’d like to collaborate with a knowledgeable professional who can help you make informed and unbiased financial decisions

You want a long-term relationship with an advisor to guide you through various life events and life cycles

You’d like an accountability partner to help you take the steps to live your best life now and plan for the future that you dream of

Meet the team

Meet our managing partners and financial planners, Hui-chin Chen and Sefa Mawuli.

Hui-chin Chen, CFP® | Financial Planner | Pavlov Financial Planning

Hui-chin Chen, CFP®
Managing Partner and Financial Planner

As a first generation immigrant to the US and a globally mobile professional, I know firsthand how much time and energy goes into making prudent financial decisions involving ties in more than one country.

Sefa Mawuli, CFP® | Financial Planner | Pavlov Financial Planning

Sefa Mawuli, CFP®
Managing Partner and Financial Planner

My passion for financial planning grew from my own experience of not finding adequate financial advice as a busy corporate professional and new US immigrant navigating the US financial system.

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